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Kendrick Lamar @kendricklamar 15 Jul
The Power is really in my hair nigga!!! Hahahahahahahahahaha
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Sunita Williams @Astro_Suni 15 Jul
Last tweet before launch! My backup crew, soon to be prime. Goodbye Planet Earth for now! Woo Hoo!
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Les Strauss @LESisM0RE 15 Jul
"Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he will lift you up." -James 4:10
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Peyton Whitted @GetWhitted_25 15 Jul
I'm the type to say a prayer then go get what I just prayed for ♥
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This Week @ThisWeekABC 15 Jul
Today on #ThisWeek, husband and wife James Carville and Mary Matalin will face off on the roundtable! cc: @KATCTV3, @KTBS, @WBRZ + @WGNOtv
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With Apple's Siri, a Romance Gone Sour
At first, many were enchanted by Apple's digital assistant, but more users have since reverted to the iPhone's voice dictation service, which is more reliable.
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Om Malik

'Mythbusters' Adam Savage's Comic-Con costumes -- PHOTOS
Mythbusters team co-leader Adam Savage has been haunting the San Diego convention center in a trio of awesome disguises today and has all his...
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Entertainment Weekly

Better medicine, brought to you by big data
Slowly but surely, health care is becoming a killer app for big data. Whether it's Hadoop, machine learning or natural-language processing, folks in the worlds of medicine and hospital administration…
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Om Malik

George Will, Matthew Dowd Blast Romney For Not Releasing Tax Returns
ABC ABC News' George Will slammed presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney for failing to fully release information on his tax returns and offshore accounts, saying Romney "must have…
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This Would Not Have Been Possible. . .
Former Vice President Al Gore in his home office in Nashville, TN. (Time magazine) "They're calling it the Arctic Row. Four men with a profound love of adventure are setting out to do something dangerous and…
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Al Gore
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