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Shia LaBeouf goes full-frontal in new Sigur Ros video: Watch it here (NSFW)
Is putting naked and famous people in music videos the only way veteran indie bands can get attention anymore? Not long after the Flaming Lips...
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Entertainment Weekly

Mobile's newest star Songza is red hot with 1.15 Million iOS downloads in 10 days
Songza launched in 2007, and put to rest a year later. In 2011, it was reincarnated as a mobile music discovery service and a mobile app. By marrying algorithms with human curation, the service wants…
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Om Malik

Harry Potter is the Antichrist in Alan Moore's new comic book
Harry Potter is one of the most beloved fake human beings of all time. He was the central character in a series of novels that...
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Entertainment Weekly

Fox's fall premiere dates revealed
NBC went last week, now it's Fox's turn. The broadcaster has just announced its fall premiere dates. Below is the network's roll-out plans for The...
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Entertainment Weekly

'Safe Haven' romance lands 'Eat Pray Love' 'naked guy' David Lyons — EXCLUSIVE
For some, actor David Lyons is best known as Dr. Simon Brenner from the last two seasons of ER. Others know him as The Cape...
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Miley Ray Cyrus @MileyCyrus 16 Jun
#1123 pic.twitter.com/NPqKgsgx
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Anthony Marshall @ANT_MARZ3 18 Jun
This Vegas heat will make a person get an attitude for no reason smh lol
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G Magic @gmagicbws 18 Jun
Support your camp, your team, your movement. Supporting each other is the foundation for success. Loyalty start with loyalty an ends with it
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Jen DeLeon @jen_deleon 18 Jun
Kids on a leash... #thingsillneverunderstand
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Kevin Gaines @GoGoGaines 18 Jun
@MadMovesInc happy birthday son. Hope u have a blessed day.
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